Sam Hughes

PhD Student, University of Southampton

I am a postdoctoral research associate in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford working as part of Dawid Kielak's team. Before that I was a PhD student at the University of Southampton under the supervision of Professor Ian Leary. Even before that, I completed an MMath degree at the University of South Wales.

My research is primarily in geometric group theory, often with a topological flavour. More specifically, I am interested in lattices in locally compact groups, cohomology of arithmetic groups, \(L^2\)-invariants, and \(K\)-theory in relation to the isomorphism conjectures.

My recent activities can be found here.

Whilst at Southampton I was one of the organisers of the interdisciplinary seminar series Maths and Mingle. You can read more about Maths and Mingle in our article in the May 2020 edition of the LMS newsletter. I also co-organised the conference Postgraduate Group Theory 2020 (PGTC 2020).

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